Sponsor a woman entrepreneur in Africa to grow her business

Change her future


Africa is the only continent in the world with more female than male entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs are crucial to Africa’s economic growth, yet they face overwhelming challenges, ranging from social and financial barriers and not being taken seriously, to a lack of education and a support network. This limits the success of women-owned businesses.


Working with female entrepreneurs in Africa for many years, we have seen first-hand how important it is to offer women a wide range of support, from training to networking opportunities. The good news is that AWIEF built an online platform offering female entrepreneurs inspiring content, masterclasses and e-learning, networking and finance opportunities, female role models, support from mentors & expert advisors, as well as investor matching and visibility. Everything they need to grow their business and achieve success.


Support a female entrepreneur by sponsoring her monthly membership subscription of the online platform, and create lasting change. From our broad pan-African network, we select the female entrepreneurs and grant them free access to the online Community. It’s also possible to sponsor a specific woman or group of African female entrepreneurs you already know.


Subscription for one female
Subscription for two females
Subscription for five females
If you sponsor one female, you change not only her life, but that of her community too. It also shapes dreams and ambitions of young girls, who now grow up with female role models who inspire them and lead the way.