Priscillar Banda Simon

e-Commerce, Zambia

Business name – ZAMSAVE (Trading as

Co-founder/owner – Quitman Manda

Business description – Zamstores was formed in April 2021 as a subsidiary of Zamsave Enterprises Limited that was incorporated in 2013 in Zambia. Zamsave Enterprises Limited Mainly deals in Micro-Finance, Mobile Money Transfer services, Architectural works, agribusiness and E-COMMERCE. ZAMSTORES is a Zambian online retail and wholesale store specialized in grocery, stationery, electronics, liquor, hardware, fruits and vegetables. Zamstores was launched April, 2021 and from its inception Zamstores has developed a standing reputation of offering the best line-up of Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables, Stationery, Hardware and Mechanical Products at the most competitive prices available.

Our business strategy is built to radically address the challenges of Ineffective supply chains in the manufacturing and agricultural industry.

Zamstores seeks to change this narrative of low participation of local producers in the export market by offering linkages with international markets.

Business products/services – Agricultural products, local indigenous food products, hardware, stationery