Nissaria Kwele

Agribusiness, Botswana

Business name – Health Pleasurez Farms

Co-founders/Owners – Magolegwa Kwele

Business description – I am a first generatiom farmer in my family.After i realised that investing in farming to create generational wealth is a vaiable pursuit i asked help from my parents to help finance the start up. Healthy Pleasurez is a young farm thats looks to improve the nutritional health of its customers by producing fresh and nutritious vegetables. In our business we are primary producer otherwise known as a farmer. We produce fresh produce monthy to feed Batswana. Our production so far is one hactor of open field production and a quarter hactor shade net as two 10 by 50 tunnels for winter production. However we have 24 more hactors that is not under production and which means there is room for expansion. Its my hope that going into the future we will become a specialised farm producing tomatoes and bellpepper all year round. I would also want to see the farm take advantage of the demand of birds eye chillies in export market. I would want to also rope in 10 farmers who will be supplying us fresh chillies to assist in satisfying the market. I am a woman who is heading a staff of three men and two women. As the farm expands i look forward to creating jobs for more Africans.

Business products/services – Fresh tomatoes, lettucce, bell pepper