Mathews Dunga

Agro-processing, Malawi

Business name – Honey Products Limited


  • Victor Mhango (Executive Chairman)
  • Mathews Dunga (Managing director),
  • Chiza Mhango (director),
  • John Paul (director)

Business description – Honey Products Limited (HPL) works with forest dependent communities and youth to create economic opportunities and conserve forests through commercial honey production while producing triple bottom line impacts; social, economic and environmental in the target communities. The enterprise trains young people (honey franchisees) to own and operate honey business outlets located in specific geographical locations via a franchise model. These franchisees supply beekeeping equipment and training to local smallholder beekeepers at a profit. The franchisees aggregate raw honey and wax from smallholder beekeepers, test for quality on behalf HPL at a commission. The honey is then transported to the factory for filtering, packaging and finally distributed to town and cities through a network of established retail contacts as a healthy lifestyle natural sweetener called Miombo Blossoms honey. The wax is sold raw to other beekeepers and is also processed to wax sheets which are used as bait in the beehives.

Business products/services – Refined honey (500g, 250g, 20g), Refined wax, wax sheets, Beekeeping equipment i.e. Bee suits, honey extractors, smokers, beehives etc. Beekeeping services i.e. training, assessments, bee colony management etc..