Majo Joseph

Mozambique, Others

Business name – Sasso Chicken

Co-founder/owners – Amina Ranchir, Karin Raimundo

Business description – Sasso chicken project distribute 4 weeks old scavennger Sasso chicks to small holder farmers through Mother/Brooding Units. The chicken start laying eggs at 20 weeks age through out to 1 year and are then sold for meet. The small holder farmer make money from eggs as these are produced without any further investment in chicken feed and also from selling the meet. Each 4 week old is sold to small holder farmer at 200meticais and lays upto 280 eggs per year. Each egg sell for 15 meticais. The male chicks are sold to SHf for 200 meticias, raised and sold for meat at 25 weeks at an aeragr price of 700meticais.

Business products/services – Eggs, Meat, Training