Kuukuluntu Angula

Manufacturing, Namibia

Business name – Stec Investments CC t/a Stec Leathers Namibia

Business description – STEC Leathers is dominantly a shoes and leather related products manufacturing company, a wholly owned Namibian entity which celebrates Namibian diversity and it is headed by a young and dynamic female, all in the cause of saving ex-convicts, hence the company name. It is against this background that I have identified this opportunity to embark upon my lifetime wish of opening a shoemaking manufacturing outlet, with a desire and concern of assisting the vulnerable ex-convicts upon release in order to provide them with secured employment, which employment would also fit as a rehabilitative measure and consequently, an offender risk management and public safety approach. As a member of the society, I feel I have a responsibility to ensure that fellow citizens do not commit crimes by offering them safe and secure employment opportunities. Studies on criminology revealed that one of the reasons why people commit crimes is poverty brought about by unemployment. Once back in the community, not only are many employers reluctant to hire convicted felons, but many former prisoners are legally barred from certain occupations and sadly, finding themselves jobless or even worse, in the streets seeking a much easier way to live by committing crimes. I believe that maintaining a legitimate job can reduce former prisoners’ chances of reoffending. Whilst government is traditionally the biggest employer in our country, it is not solely the responsibility of government to create much-needed jobs as no government across the globe ever succeeded in this role.

The government does its part to equip offenders with skills by offering them vocational training courses while incarcerated in order to gain useful work experiences aimed at preparing them for successful reintegration into society. It is up to the inmates themselves to make use of the skills acquired however, we live in a communities that label ex-convicts once released, making it difficult for them to secure employment and reintegrate without judgment. In most cases, ex-convicts neither have the necessary support nor the capacity to get a project off the ground due to little faith financial institutions and fellow beings have in them, including previous employers, thus rehabilitative efforts made during the offenders’ confinement may be all in vain if the challenges the offender might face to become a law-abiding citizen after release from confinement are not adequately addressed. STEC looks past the criminal record of ex-convicts and rather focus on their massive potentials gained via training while incarcerated. Our devotion is to create employment opportunities and absorb as many unemployed ex-convicts as possible so that they deviate from ill thoughts of committing further crimes and to enable them to become law abiding citizens again by contributing to the economy of the country.

We have committed ourselves to making a meaningful and progressive contribution in the lives of ex-convicts. The project is pretty well still at infancy stage due to lack of pertinent equipment, although production has commenced with the few machinery that we have. Environment STEC Leathers make use of conveyor belts as shoe soles, which conveyor belts are recycled from the mines around Namibia. Such conveyor belts ought to be discarded in the ground, however Stec Leathers rather recyles those and use them as shoe soles, which soles turn out durable and stronger than the traditional shoe soles used in shoe production.

Business products/services – Production of leather shoes, bags, and all leather accessories