Ketty Shamakamba

Agribusiness, Zambia


Co-founder/owner – Ketty Shamakamba and Chiozya Mwanza

Business description – Lakefarms is a social conscious aquaculture company founded in 2016. The company is based in Siavonga district and is owned and run by the Mwanza family. The company catches Australian red claw Crayfish from Lake Kariba and also grows Nile Tilapia in cages on Lake Kariba. Founders Chiozya and Ketty Shamakamba Mwanza both have deep roots in the fish industry: Ketty comes from a fish trading background, whilst Chiozya grew up as a fisherman and has been working in fish business since the age of 11, so he now has nearly 35 years experience in the industry! Lakefarms is well-established and growing fast, with a network of major customers in both food service and retail. This family ethos is very much part of the Lakefarms spirit and extends to our local workforce, which includes many people who have grown with us since the early days. As our company enters its 7th year, we are delighted to be growing in the great tradition of independent family business: teamwork and respect for the individual contributions of every person who works with us. Lakefarms exports Australian red claw Crayfish to markets in South Africa and China. There has been slight decrease in export sales of Crayfish products due to the disruption of the supply chain and reduction in the out-of-home consumption of food during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the at-home consumption of Crayfish and Nile Tilapia has increased and is expected to increase profitability of this market in the coming years. The global fish farming market size was valued at $285 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $378, million by 2027. The growth of the fish farming market can be attributed to changes in the food consumption pattern of people all around the world. The expansion of retail market and easy availability of the product through various sales channel make it convenient for consumers to purchase packaged fish farming, which drive the sales figures. Currently, fish farming is an absolute necessity to meet food demand and supply. This industry provides high-quality and disease-free fish by rearing fish in an environment that meets hygiene standards.

Business products/services – Australian red claw Crayfish and Nile Tilapia

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