Janine Petersen

Agro-processing, South Africa

Business name – J9 wine


Business description – j9Wine(Pty)Ltd was founded by Janine Petersen in 2016 who turned her passion for wine into an iconic brand. After having worked extensively with big names in the wine industry of South Africa, Janine used her experience and ventured into creating the j9Wine range. She sold her car and invested her life savings to get j9Wine of the ground Janine continued to develop her wine knowledge and is now a female Wine Maker . Sourcing grapes from across the coastal region and Collaborating with some of the best wine makers in South Africa.

Business products/services – j9Wine(Pty)Ltd sources their wines from a selection of the top wine producers in the Western Cape, South Africa. With a strict adherence to quality, consistency and style. Being a wine maker herself, CEO Janine Petersen works closely with fellow wine makers to blend the j9Wine range . The j9Wine range is easy drinking, uncomplicated everyday wine, containing everything from a fruity Chenin Blanc to a bold Cabernet Sauvignon. With a Taste profiles from the Stellenbosch to Wellington Districts

Company website – j9wine.co.zao