Godfrey Mfiti

Agro-processing, Malawi


Business description – Betterlife Products Limited processes local indigenous plants,herbs and vegetables into dried powders,medicinal and essential oils. The company also add value by producing herbal capsules and selling dried treated leaves of indigenous vegetables. Betterlife Products export most of its products to Florida,USA and South Africa. Some of the herbs include Whitei Mondia Root Powder, Kigelia Africana, Gorontula Fruit Powder, Bao Bao Powder,Tamarind Leaf Powder,Hibscus Leaf Powders,Pumpkin seed oils and powders. The company has also vast farm land where several herbs and trees are grown including the following Moringa Oliefela,Neem,Holy Basil (Tulsi),Peppermint,Pumpkin,Red Jetropha,Aloe-vela, Gotukola,Atamesia Annua,Air potatoes and Soursorp.Though the list is not conclusive since each day through research and enquiries we discover other types of plants and herbs.The research is on going as such we need in future to have our own testing laboratory. All these are processed into either powders,capsules or medicinal and essential oils for use as per consumer demands. Our company sells in bulks at wholesale prices. We aim to expand by acquiring machinery ,equipment , laboratory for extraction and packaging materials. Our setback is a financial capital.The company registered as a limited by liability seeks to invite investors who can buy shares or any form of investment,grant or soft loan. We strive to become a major exporter,employer and producer of high quality African forgotten value added food suppliments,herbs ,spices and vegetables processed professionally.Well packed,grown organically or those harvested sustainably from the wild. We presently lack accreditation with International organic certification, American and EU requirements.Locally we are not yet a retailer but a bulk producer treated like a primary processor.Currently the founder strives to continue learning in leadership,business development and continues researching in this field. Any educational support or professional development will be ideal.

Business products/Services – We produce dried leaves,powders,medicinal and essential oils in bulks traded at wholesale as per customer demands