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This Forum serves as a platform for you to discuss diverse business topics and share experiences, ideas and best practices with other women entrepreneurs. There are a variety of sub-topic forums, from starting, financing and growing your business, to marketing and promotion. You can join one of the forums that you’re interested in and start a discussion, post questions and answers and share your opinion and experiences with other members.

The forums are moderated by AWIEF. Sometimes we will bring up ideas for discussions or contribute, but generally AWIEF will not play an active role in facilitating conversations or answering questions. The main role of AWIEF as moderator is to create sub-topic forums and to monitor these forums to guarantee an inspiring, encouraging, respectful online environment.

Drop Your Ideas
We love to hear what topics you like to discuss with your fellow female entrepreneurs on this Forum. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us now here, so we can create a new sub-topic forum.

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