Denis Chitowe

Agro-processing, Malawi

Business name – Mzuzu Dairy Limited

Co-founder/owner – Denis Chitowe- Managing Director, Glory Misoya-co founder, Socio-media and communication Specialist.

Business description – Mzuzu dairy Limited is a business that provides nutrition and market solutions. The business works with smallholder dairy farmers, buy milk from them and process into various dairy products including fresh milk, fresh chambiko and yoghurt. These products are supplied to the super markets in Malawi, and plans to build capacity and expand to other African neighboring countries including Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. The business also supports smallholder dairy farmers, of which 80% are women , in capacity building to increase productivity, and actively participate in the economic activities.

Business products/services – Dairy products like yoghurts, Chambiko and Freshmilk. The business also provides technical support to the smallholder dairy farmers.