Chaka Ng’ambi

Agribusiness, Zambia

Business name – Muchinga General Enterprises Limited (MGE)

Co-founder/owner – Mavis Chiyambi co-founder Director/ Company Secretary

Business description – We are creating guaranteed market for cereal and legume crops grown by smallholder farmers in rural area in Mafinga District Zambia so that they increase the volume of production of cereal and legume crops thereby creating value of agribusiness to discourage deforestation for charcoal for sale while providing guaranteed supply to bulk buyers and processors that meet the quality, type, quantity and at market price. Selling solar water pump systems to smallholder farmers,sensitizing and training smallholder farmers about improved way to do farming using new innovative methods by installing solar water pumps for irrigation so that they have increased income and food security by growing crops throughout the year as well as overcome the risk of drought and adapt to climate change as well as stop cutting down of trees for charcoal as source of income.

Business products/services – The products are cereals(rice, sorghum, millet), legumes( common beans, soya beans, groundnuts) and honey.