Balsamiq Cloud: FREE trial till April 2022!

Sketch your user interface ideas for your website or app and get everyone on the same page. It makes work fun!

We have an exciting opportunity for your business! AWIEF Community has partnered with Balsamiq Cloud to offer all our members free access to Balsamiq Cloud (till April 2022). 

Balsamiq Cloud wireframes are great for entrepreneurs. As the name suggests, Balsamiq Cloud is a web-based tool that you can use to create designs and wireframes by accessing its features. It is especially beneficial for you if you are in the business of developing digital products like websites and applications or even if you just want to improve the experience that your customers have with your website. Wireframing is a great way to quickly get your ideas down. Balsamiq Wireframes is loved by Designers, Product Managers, and Developers alike.

What you have access to: 

1. Balsamiq Cloud – The web-based tool 

– This is a web app, that you can access via your browser. Once you are in, then you can begin creating your wireframes or prototypes for your websites/software. Once you have completed and saved, it can be stored in the cloud where you can access it anytime and anywhere.

– You have access to the web-based tool till 01 April 2022

 Steps to take:

1. Go to to sign up and start the trail of 30-days. 

2. After your account and Space are created and verified, login to your Space and visit the Billing Information section, which can be reached by selecting Settings in the center navigation menu within your Space. At the end of the 30-day free trial, you enter your promo code (see below) in the corresponding field, and then select “Apply”. The text will then update to confirm the promo code has been applied correctly, and your new expiration (1 April 2022) date will appear there. 

Promo Code: BQGFAKBYH120422
Product: Balsamiq Cloud
Code Expiration: April 01, 2022

Click the link below for more information, tutorials on how this tool works and how to access it: