Aaron Kantumoya

Agro-processing, Zambia

Business name – Miombo Honey Processing Ltd


  • Joyce Mwewa – Operations Director,
  • Exildah Kantumoya – Marketing Director,
  • Jessy Mubanga -Company Secretary.

Business description – We buy comb honey from rural beekeepers, process it, package it in containers of various sizes and offer the now processed honey for sale to customers. Our honey is branded as Miombo Honey – pure, natural for nutritional and medicinal value. Beeswax is a bye product which is also processed from the chaff that remains after processing honey. By buying from beekeepers, we provide a ready market for their comb honey and help to sustain their production and income at household level. Many persons are also employed along the honey food chain who sells the product in shops that sell to final consumers.

Business products/services – Products include Miombo Honey Honey, Beeswax and services include Training beekeepers, establing apiaries for clients and general consultancy in Beekeeping. and